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The 2015 Lookout Landing community feedback forum

Getting a jump on Festivus.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

One of the many things I respected about Jeff and Matthew's establishment and curation of Lookout Landing 1.0 was the way they solicited the views and opinions of the community on a regular basis. I have stated in the past that I view my role on this site as one of a steward, a caretaker of something much greater than myself or anyone on staff.

More than anything Lookout Landing will be about this community of Mariner fans and us existing together while we celebrate and (largely) cope with the experience of being Mariner fans. The site has a history longer, deeper, and richer than 98% of the internet and I have always tried to consider that, particularly as the tone and content has inevitably changed through different leadership.

That to say that I think it's healthy to solicit you, the most vocal members of this community on your opinions on the state of the site. Feel free to use the comments to inform myself and the staff on things you like, don't like, want more of, less of, things done in the past you'd like to see come back, ideas for things moving forward, etc.

These discussions can often get quite convoluted and meta, and as a result I plan to more heavily moderate this thread than most, in an attempt to maximize its hopefully productive qualities. That in mind, here are some guidelines and suggestions as you comment:

1) If someone makes a statement that you agree with but do not have any substantive commentary to that effect, rather than adding a reply consider simply clicking the "rec" button. The teal comments will definitely be easier for myself and the staff to notice as we look through the comment section.

2) Criticism is absolutely valid and welcome. However if you're an ass know that we will take you far less seriously than if you aren't and that I reserve the right to use my delete/warn/banhammer abilities if you take it too far. Don't be a jerk.

3) For smoothness I think an excellent way to go about this would be to start a thread off with an all caps "PROMPT" much like we do in game threads and off tops. Again, we're looking for readability here.

I have preambled, and now you may give us your thoughts.