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Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Ep. 044: For the Coffee

I will admit, a certain hilarious sporting event yesterday evening took precedent over the Mariners. But, that only meant the spirits of Conner and I were quite high when recording. And in recording, there was a lot to talk about.

Of course, just yesterday, the Mariners made official the signing of Nori Aoki. But as it's been two weeks since we recorded with the holiday break (apologies), there's more: the Trumbo trade, the Iannetta signing, some Marcell Ozuna rumors and a few more things.

This week's beers:

  • I had Southern Tier's Pumking Imperial Ale, which is damn good. I first had it at Safeco the last week of the season this year, and I hope to drink it in the 'Pen someday before a playoff game. Also, pumpkin beers should be available all the way through the new year. Pumpkin is delicious and I don't care to hear arguments to the contrary.
  • Con had the Alphadelic IPA from the Hop Valley Brewing Company. He said it was quite good, or decent—but it's unclear if it was better or worse than the free beer he may or may not have drank on the bus ride to Pullman for the Zags game.


And here's the show: