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LL year in review: The new year and spring training

We take one final look back at 2015, starting with January through March.

Former and future Mariner managers, together
Former and future Mariner managers, together
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday and welcome to a very slow week in the world of baseball. I'm sure that somewhere Jerry Dipoto is texting a couple people while on a conference call while on a treadmill while diversifying his stock portfolio but for actual, tangible Mariner news your desperate craving for content is going to be scantly fed.

It's the final week of 2015, and it's a time for reflection. We have a few days to think back on everything that happened before 2016 rushes us every onward towards whatever the hell the future holds. As such I wanted to take one final look back, and split apart the year in LL into quarters, highlighting and linking to some of the best/funniest/most creative/interesting/well done work the site produced this year. I'll definitely miss things and you should know it's because I dislike your work and you personally had to sift through a lot of stuff and things unavoidably get missed. Feel free to add a contribution in the comments.

I am very grateful for every author, reader, and commenter that made LL what it was in 2015. The Mariners sucked badly, and the site went through a lot of change and upheaval. But I feel as though we've come through it strong and well positioned for a fantastic 2016, regardless of the quality of baseball we are exposed to.

Today, we start off with January-March.