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Sporcle Friday: M's players with at least one single-season OBP ≥0.340

Which Mariners players have been especially good at getting on base?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

During this offseason, Jerry Dipoto has made it very clear that building a team with better OBP skills is one of his top priorities. His decision to swap Trumbo (0.300 career OBP) for Lind (0.332 career OBP) at first base is particularly indicative of this, but the signings of Aoki (0.353 career OBP) and Iannetta (0.351 career OBP) also highlight this desire. (For reference, the league average OBP in 2015 for a non-pitcher was 0.321.)

With this in mind, today's Sporcle Friday takes a look at which Mariners have been especially good at getting on base. This quiz asks you to name all of the qualified players in M's history who have managed at least one single-season OBP greater than or equal to 0.340 (the value FanGraphs cites as the cut-off for being "above average"). This feat has been accomplished 103 times by 35 different gentlemen. I wish you luck in naming them all.

1, 2, 3... go!

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Reminder: If you're discussing how you did down in the comments, try and use the spoiler black-out function so that you don't give away any answers. Thanks!