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Sporcle Monday: Do you know your Mariners?

There has been a lot of turnover on Seattle's roster this off-season. How many players on the M's 40-man roster can you name?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Much has been made about how Jerry Dipoto has taken the Mariners 2015 roster and turned it on its head. He's made approximately 1471 moves since becoming the general manger in Seattle, which is kind of a lot. I don't know how you guys feel, but it's been pretty fun to get little notices/alerts seemingly every other day about how the Mariners made ANOTHER move. That being said, Jerry's wheelin' and dealin' has made it kinda tough to keep track of everyone on this team. I can easily recall that Brad and Tom are gone (sad, sad, sad), but it's sometimes difficult to remember all the new names/faces. Is this also hard for you? Or are you a SUPER FAN? The quiz below gives you the opportunity to prove yourself. Can you name everyone on the Mariners 40-man roster? Let's find out.

Good luck, my friends.


  • The Mariners made a roster move today (12/14/15) at ~10:20 am PST. The quiz has been updated to include this change.
  • The order of the players in the quiz below is random. It's probably imprudent to waste time trying to find meaning where there isn't any.