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Announcing the 2015 HoLLiday ExtraLLvaganza ParLLty

Let's toast to each other, baseball, the past, and the future.

Kevin Martinez - Seattle Mariners

In my 34 years of life I have been fortunate to experience a wide array of the amazing things life has to offer. Marriage, children, family, friendship, travel, etc. I'm a very, very fortunate man. But right close to the top of those experiences has been being allowed to have a say in the present and future of the Lookout Landing community. The internet is, more than anything, an accurate reflection of who humans can be when we let our guards down a bit. That lets out a whole lot of ugly, but it also lets in good deal of beautiful. This place; the staff, readers, and commenters are part of the latter.

So, let's boogie. The astoundingly talented and kind Cody Morris (Sea-Townie) and Chef Travis have allowed us use of their brand-spanking new, excellent restaurant Mollusk. We're going to gather, drink beer, maybe see if we can get Felix's Perfecto on the TV, and, thanks to the kindness and generosity of the Mariners themselves we'll be giving away a fun collection of quirky merch and memorabilia.

The important thing with an event like this is an accurate head count to report to Cody. We're doing this on a Monday so as hopefully to not make his life hell BUT if we end up with a real large group that's the kind of thing we want to know ahead of time. So if you are coming SAY SO in the comments. Thanks so much. Let's party.

WHAT?: A Holiday party for the readers and staff of Lookout Landing

WHERE?: South Lake Union's hottest new eatery/brewery/edible experimatorium MOLLUSK

WHEN?: Monday, December 21st, at 6:00 PM (Mollusk Happy Hour until 7)

WHAT DO I BRING?: Yourself, and an empty stomach, and finances capable of remedying said emptiness


HOW ARE YOU GIVING AWAY THIS SWEET MERCH?: Quit asking so many damn questions just tell us if you're coming or not. The world is full of unknowable mystery; resign yourself to this fact.

Can't wait to see each and every one of you.

HoLLiday Party