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Sporcle Friday: Mariners career winning percentage leaders (min. 200 IP)

75 different pitchers have tossed at least 200 innings in their careers as a Mariner, but only 29 have managed a winning record. Can you name all of these gentlemen?

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

This week's Sporcle Friday takes a look at one of the most crucial/important/indicative statistics in all of baseball: pitcher wins! More specifically, this quiz asks you to identify which pitchers have managed to compile more wins than losses during their time in Seattle. As a franchise, the Mariners currently sit at 397 games under 0.500. Compiling a winning record with the M's hasn't been the easiest of tasks.

Some of these answers are pretty obvious, while others are considerably more elusive. Be mindful that this list includes both starters and relievers. Looking at the years that each player spent with the M's should be pretty helpful, but I certainly wouldn't have been able to come up with all of these.

I'll arbitrarily set the You-Deserve-A-Gold-Star cut-off at 21 or more correct answers. Good luck!

- - -

As always, if you're discussing how you did down in the comments, try and remember to use the spoiler black-out function so that you don't give away any answers.

(I hope that everyone earns a gold star. If not this week, maybe next week.)