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Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Ep. 041: Boog

For most of the day, it appeared there would be literally zero Mariners between last week's podcast episode and last evening's recording. Not any, at all. We could of course discuss free agents, qualifying offers and trade targets, but nothing substance.

And then, of course, Dipoto struck. Four days after the World Series, we had our first move of the offseason, and of this new era in Mariners baseball.

In this week's podcast, the second consecutive week where we go with a bit more condensed format, it's all about the big trade. We discuss the players acquired, the players departing and what it all means for the rest of the offseason. There's even a little bit of free agent talk.

We were moving so fast we forgot to mention the beers we were drinking.

So, housekeeping:

Now, the show: