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Cano rumors: Baseball baseballs madly on

Or, the only news is that there is no news.

Going, going, gone.
Going, going, gone.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Robinson Cano wants to leave Seattle.

What is your favorite game to play when you're bored or looking to stir up some imaginative juices?  I don't know, for me, I usually like to go for a run.  Feels like a good way to clear my mind by focusing my physical self on a task while allowing my mental self to take over.  Also makes me feel guilt free to drink like seven beers that same day.  Some folks, however, like to sit in their New York office, stare out at the jungle of the cement and brick and street hot dogs and play "Connect the Dots".  What follows from that game reads something a bit like this.

To be clear, of course Robinson Cano is unsettled.  The whole organization is, to be frank.  A change of regime and a flurry of trades leaves everyone feeling a bit unclear of their future.  Add that to the fact that Robbie is coming off a season in which he was happy to be feeling 70% due to multiple injuries and an under-performing season all around from his squad and you get someone who is feeling displeased.  To make things even worse it is November in the Pacific Northwest and even I have been looking at airfare to get out of town for a week somewhere warmer.  I'm not looking at tickets to New York, though.

Maybe what this shows is that Jerry Dipoto has yet to get to the part of his process where he has internal buy-in from his players, but also, they have yet to play more than a handful of games for him and see his process.  The manager and coaching staff is almost exclusively new voices and ideas that have yet to come to fruition.  Maybe Dipoto should be working the phone on Cano, as you'd imagine he has done with every player on the roster.  Maybe Robbie needs to tell his camp to cool it.  Maybe this is pure speculation from one man's report via a second-hand source.

Whatever it is, it is certainly not news.  We do not need your fake trade proposals, your theoretical "Jerry Dipoto Eats 100 Million Dollars to Relieve Himself of Lazy Cano" story lines, or your dot-connecting.  Robinson Cano is unsettled because a coaching staff that included Van Slyke left town?  Okay.  Robinson Cano wants back to New York, an organization that seemed pretty happy giving him the one-finger salute when he bounced to a new team?  Okay.  Robinson Cano is not feeling the love in Seattle?  I wonder if a playoff season totally changes that.  Just win, baby.

There's nothing to see here unless you want there to be.  Connect the dots all offseason if you must.  Enjoy baseball how you will.  The only news here is there is no news.

However, I do have this interesting, alternative plan:

Seattle Mariners trade RHP Felix Hernandez and 2B Robinson Cano to NYY for CF Jacoby Ellsbury

Seattle Mariners sign CF Jason Heyward for 8/$184

Seattle Mariners sign RF Yoenis Cespedes for 8/$150


Real, Breaking News

  • In actual news of the day, the M's made two new additions to the coaching staff and one of them is a very handsome man:
  • Robinson Cano is still a Mariner.