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Mariners trade Ramon Flores for Luis Sardinas

And lo, there were puns.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Dipoto is the guy who comes home, locks his door, sits down to watch tv, then 5 minutes later starts to dust. Then he does the dishes. Then he checks the locks, then he dusts again but Jerry there is no dust don't care I must do something, anything the dust is there you just can't see it I'll get it it's there I must dust dust dust....

It's been three days since the Mariners were in a trade. There wasn't a need for another one this week, but Jerry Dipoto may have a compulsion, so he made a trade anyway.

Outfield prospect Ramon Flores, who came over in the Dustin Ackley trade, is sent to Milwaukee, which seems cruel but them's the rules! So what we have here is Luis Sardinas, a 22 year old middle infielder with a purportedly excellent glove and little to no bat.

It's a bit of a head scratcher at first glance. While the Mariners did just part with Brad Miller they still have Chris Taylor and Ketel Marte, along with Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager playing the infield. Flores had shown promise in Tacoma prior to a bad leg injury endeding his season prematurely; the Mariners still, somehow after everything, don't have nearly enough outfielders.

But the trade makes more sense when you consider that Flores is out of options, and that Sardinas is not. Also this trade could potentially open up the possibility of packaging Taylor, who presumably would have more value on the market than Sardinas, for yet another trade, as Jerry just can't stop making trades.

In the end it's a minor move to shore up AAA/bench depth, and it's nothing to get particularly wound up about, even if you love Flores and hate Sardinas for some reason. It's encouraging that Dipoto continues to seem committed to the idea of defense and run prevention, as it's a model that's been shown to work at Safeco, and fits his overall philosophy.

Colin pointed out that's it's funny that people on Twitter are making comments like "Dipoto still isn't done trading". It isn't even Thanksgiving yet. We are weeks from the Winter meetings. The team still has pressing needs at outfield, starting pitcher, and catcher. There's so much ahead.

Find that dust, Jerry. It's there.


Godspeed, Danny Hultzen.