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Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Ep. 043: Hello, Leonys

Jerry Dipoto said the Mariners will be built around run prevention, and he picked up a couple guys whose entire job is preventing runs. I mean, in different ways, of course. But yes, preventing runs.

Leonys Martin and Joaquin Benoit join the fray, and we talk about it. Also, Andy Van Slyke may or may not have had something to drink and then gone on the radio to discuss the Mariners (who does that?!), so we talked about that too.


  • I had the Elysian Night Owl. I know, I know—selling out a little here. But it's so good.
  • Con had the Topcutter IPA from Bale Breaker. I can never remember if it's the Bale Breaker from Topcutter or the other way around. It's the other way around. And also a good beer.

Quick housekeeping:

Now, the show: