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10/9: Open playoff thread

Every team in baseball is playing today. Well, except the Mariners I guess

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Morning baseball! And, like all of baseball's smartest marketing decisions, it's at an awkward time so most people can't watch a lot of their product because they're at work! Woo!

9:30 AM - Rangers Vs. Blue Jays

Adrian Beltre isn't playing, Marcus Stroman is pitching, and I can't think of one good reason to root for the Rangers in this game. I guess, maybe, you could let the thought of the Blue Jays at Safeco series with the Blue Jays as defending champions haunt you but I really don't find them to be as intolerable as most.

12:30 PM - Astros Vs. Royals

Look both these teams are obnoxious. Yes, Chris Young is a chill, Mr. Rodger's grandpa-type dude getting hitters out with a polite poetry reading in fastball form but otherwise, blech. I'm rooting for the Royals in this one. Neither team deserves an easy road.

3:30 PM - Cardinals Vs. Astros

I suppose people could root for the Cardinals. I mean, there a bunch of Lakers/Cowboys fans as well. Attaching yourself to a winner is an infantile, exceedingly vapid way to fill the bottomless void that calls your name when you close your eyes, but it's a hollow existence and you know it.

Root for the Cubs, silly people.

6:30 PM - Mets Vs. Dodgers

I think Mets' fan's pain is overblown but then, as a Mariners fan, I think most fans overhype their own misery. I'm so sorry you haven't made a World Series in 15 years! Imagine if you misplace a World Series flag you'll have to make do with just the one!

You can make a reasonable argument that the Dodgers are the more pained franchise of the current era; living through the McCourt years, blowing years of playoff appearances, having to live in Los Angeles, etc.

Of course all of this is factoring with the deeply flawed "root for the underdog" mentality, which you may find trite and meaningless. Adjust your rooting interests accordingly.