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10/7: Playoff open thread

The Fun Team Astride the Allagheny Vs. The Fun Team with the Goat Problem

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Whichever team wins this game is my rooting interest in the NL. But I have a feeling Jake Arrieta is going to swallow the Pirates whole like the fearsome kraken he is.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Root for because:
  • Haven't won a title since 1979
  • Clint Hurdle turns purple when angry
    Purple Hurdle
  • Andrew McCutchen is the reigning league MVP and one of the most enjoyable all around players in the game
  • Gregory Palanco is cool
  • Starling Marte is cool
  • Josh Harrison is cool
  • PNC Park is apparently one of baseball's crown jewels
  • Francisco Cervelli had to leave the Yankees to find personal and team success
  • Carrot Cole
    Carrot Cole

    (h/t to the dudes at Cespedes Family BBQ for this)
  • Lots of other reasons
Reasons to root against:

Chicago Cubs

Reasons to root for:

  • No titles since 1653
  • Joe Maddon is cool
  • Anthony Rizzo is cool
  • Addison Russell is cool
  • Jake Arrieta is possibly the most dominant pitcher currently living
  • Wrigley
  • Kyle Schwarber is cool
  • Jason Hammel is a good dude and the actual best baseball player to come out of Port Orchard, WA
Reasons to root against:
  • Wrigley is kind of a dump
  • Leave Steve Bartman alone
  • I'm so sorry your baseball team hasn't won here have NBA titles, a Super Bowl Championship, and NHL titles to tide you over
  • Miguel Montero doesn't seem all that cool
  • I don't really like Starling Castro
  • What does misery love?