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World Series Game 3 open thread

Yordano Ventura vs. Noah Syndergaard

For Asgard, for Queens..
For Asgard, for Queens..
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Game 1 was a tense, fraught, hard fought battle; Game 2 was the first act loss in a sports movie where you go "Uh oh." And what will Game 3 be? DH-less? Yes. Full of flame throwers on the mound? Oh, you bet. Set in New York? Sure. The moment in a horror movie when you yell at the Mets to not go in there, because only terror and Eric Hosmer are waiting for them? MAYBE.

The Royals of Kansas City (still in Missouri) and the Mets of New York are set to square off in Queens in the first of a potential three game set (do it, Mets). All we can do is declare our allegiance to Team More Baseball, pretend the only person on the Royals is Chris Young, and hope for a competitive contest. Also, to finally be able to remember how many 'a's are in Noah Syndergaard's name.