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World Series game 1 open thread

Matt Harvey vs. Edinson Volquez

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we are, after 8 1/2 months, thousands of games, TOOTBLAN beyond counting, etc. we have arrived at the final series of baseball in 2015. Jake was kind enough to dust off his old Series Preview format for this one and I suggest you give that a read.

It looks like we may have a rain-filled evening in Kansas City, which is frankly what baseball deserves for starting the World Series on the same day both the Royals and Mets WON their last World Series, 30 and 29 years ago respectively. The baseball season is actually probably a little too long, you guys.

I'm excited for this series, and I'm excited for it to be over. I want the Mariners to acquire new players. I want rumors. I want real offseason plans. It's sad to think about losing baseball for 4 months but expectation and longing can't start without missing. The end begins tonight. Go someone or other.