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The Punner's Guide To Mariners Management

What's in a name? Puns, of course.

I just want to laugh.
I just want to laugh.
Jeff Carlick/Getty Images

With today's report that Scott Servais will be the next manager of the Seattle Mariners, with Tim Bogar filling the role of trusty bench coach, Jerry Dipoto seems close to his vision for the 2016 Mariners. Chris Traeger has his Ben Wyatt.

Colin has already done fantastic profiles on both Servais and Bogar, and Nathan gave some early thoughts on what that means for the organization. So what's left? Puns, you guys. Puns.

Congratulations, the following jokes have been pre-approved for your use throughout the offseason, and into the 2016 campaign! (Editor's note: "Approved" is a little strong. We've just learned that nothing comes between Meg and her puns. Medication isn't working. We're very sorry. But slightly amused.) Also, I'm sorry.

  • When Scott Servais exchanges lineup cards pregame: That's Servais with a smile!

  • I sure do hope Scott...Servais up some wins!

  • More right handed power? Don't even Bogar! We're Cruzing.

  • What's Tim Bogar's preferred Halloween costume? What, Meg? A boggart! Meg. What does his boggart look like? What, Meg? Humphrey Bogar-t. Meg.

  • Scott getting ejected like that sure was a dis-Servais to his team.

  • He might not have prior managerial experience but Scott has plenty of Servais time.

  • If he takes us to the playoff, it'll be pure fan Servais.

  • I hope Tim doesn't Bogar-t the space at the rail.

  • When Tim gets mad at the home plate umpire: "Bogar off!"

  • At the team barbeque (Mike on the grill, natch): Don't Bogar-t the Servais-as!

  • Great Scott! The baseball game is afoot!

  • You don't need Scott-land Yard to find the flaw's in Zunino's swing.

Of course, puns are the humor of the people, and the twitter inclined. Here's a favorite of mine from Joe Veyera:

But we've really just Dipotoed here (allow for laughter). There is so much potential. We're all just in Servais of the pun. Leave your favorites in the comments.

Go M's!