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10/20: Open playoff thread

I didn't miss much right?

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, and thank you for your patience during my absence. "What absence ya ninny we didn't even notice you were gone?" Well first of all that's kind of rude, but also it's because the staff is amazing, helpful, and oozing competence - which is gross but also works well when I want to take a vacation.

It seems I missed almost nothing worthwhile in the local sports scene during the past week. While I see the staff went rogue and decided to cast their lot with the Cubs I am bandwagoning the Blue Jays. People can get all feisty with their fans and what not and I won't argue your subjective preference, because I don't really care and this isn't talk radio.

Today we get back to two games, which is as it should be. This baseball playoff has been one of my favorite in recent memory, and with Roger Goodell screeching on his fiddle while the smoke wafts through his nostrils maybe, just maybe, we're seeing the beginnings of baseball regaining more of a national identity with folk. I mean, not here of course; here we're so spoiled with good football that I imagine we'll always be a big football town first.

Like I said, looks like I didn't miss much.