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10/10: Open playoff thread

The NL's day to shine. Or something.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It is the weekend, it is raining, and I am going to play games with my son all day. I'll watch baseball and root for, in order: Cubs, dingers, sad Cardinals fans, the Mets.

You can do whatever you like of course. Maybe you've been longing for a rainy hike. Perhaps you are going to make some bread? That sounds fun, and today is an excellent excuse to stay in side and bake bread. Maybe you're playing video games! Those are fun too.

If, at some point, you find yourself watching playoff baseball and you think to yourself: "I have thoughts to express on these happenings but lo! I am alone in my domicile. To the internet!" Should that happen then I encourage you to use this space to share your thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams.

The Cubs are benching Kyle Schwarber, who is very fun, for Austin Jackson, who is not. Oh well.

Go Cubs, go dingers.