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Mariners trivia - 1/23/15

A quick little M's quiz for your Friday afternoon. Good luck!

Thinking long and hard may be necessary.
Thinking long and hard may be necessary.
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Howdy, folks. Since there isn't a Sporcle Friday today, I took the liberty of putting together a different quiz for you instead. Ashley did something kinda similar awhile back. I really enjoyed her questions, so I was inspired to put together a quiz of my own. Below are 20 questions. You have a 50% chance of getting the first 10 correct by simply guessing. The last 10 are a bit harder, but if you've been an attentive Mariners over the years you'll probably get quite a few of them right.

A #2 pencil may come in handy. You may also want to get grab a glass of water or a granola bar. Remember, if you don't know the answer to a question, sometimes it's helpful to skip it and come back to it. I would not, however, recommend selecting "C" if you're unsure of the answer. This quiz is untimed, so please don't stress out too much.

Now, without peeking (or any other kind of cheating), please do your best. Guessing on some of these is expected (and encouraged). When you're done, check and see how you did. I put the answers in the first comment down below.

1, 2, 3... go!

I. The M's Hitters in 2014 - Pick which is HIGHER

1. (A) # of hits by Mike Zunino or (B) # of strikeouts by Brad Miller

2. (A) # of HR by Corey Hart or (B) # of HR by Kendrys Morales (as a Mariner)

3. (A) # of XBH by Stefen Romero or (B) # of XBH by Chris Taylor

4. (A) Corey Hart's batting average or (B) Mike Zunino's ISO

5. (A) # of XBH by Willie Baseball or (B) # of XBH by Austin Jackson (as a Mariner)

II. The M's Pitchers in 2014 - Pick which is HIGHER

6. (A) Yoervis Medina's ERA or (B) Fernando Rodney's ERA

7. (A) # of strikeouts by Erasmo Ramirez or (B) # of strikeouts by Brandon Maurer

8. (A) # of IBB by Felix Hernandez or (B) # of blown saves by Fernando Rodney

9. (A) Danny Farquhar K/9 or (B) Charlie Furbush K/9

10. (A) # of wild pitches by Felix Hernandez or (B) # of HR allowed by Felix Hernandez

III. Relievers throughout M's history! Provide the correct answer.

11. Which Mariners reliever struck out the most players in a single season?

12. Which (qualified) Mariners reliever posted the highest ERA in a single season?

13. Which Mariners reliever posted the highest fWAR in a single season?

14. Name one of the three Mariners relievers to have blown 10+ saves in a season.

15. Name one of the two Mariners relievers to record more than 25 holds in a season.

IV. Catchers throughout M's history! Provide the correct answer.

16. Which Mariners catcher hit the most home runs in a single season?

17. Which catcher had the best career CS% (min. 1000 innings) with the Mariners?

18. Which Mariners catcher had the most passed balls in a single season?

19. Which Mariners catcher had the most RBI in a single season?

20. Which Mariners catcher grounded into the most double plays in a single season?

- - -

If you scored:

0-3: You are Hector Noesi. Please let yourself out immediately. It'd be okay if you didn't come back.

4-8: You are Willie Bloomquist. I guess good job for getting some of the questions right?

9-12: You are Mike Zunino. I'm excited to see your potential moving forward. But there is a non-zero chance that you'll look a little bit like a doofus some of the time. That's okay, though. I still care about you.

13-16: You are Kyle Seager. With a little more study and preparation, you have the chance to become somethin' pretty special.

17-20: You are Felix Hernandez. You're an absolute All-Star and I feel privileged that you took the time to take my quiz. Thank you.