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Fernando Rodney revealed to not be Fernando Rodney

Nothing that is known is actually known.

Who is this man, really?
Who is this man, really?
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Fernando Rodney continues his travels through South Korea and Colin has been doing an excellent job following his journey. Today he brought us this:

Wait what was that? ENHANCE!

Fernando 1

Fernando 2

Fernando 3

Fernando 4

Fernando 5

Fernando Rodney is traveling in a country in which the native language does not conform to our Western structure so it's possible, perhaps even probable that something is getting lost in translation here. But what if it's not? I remember the day the childhood innocence fell from my eyes. The first time I watched the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally? An unfortunately unlocked bedroom door? NO! It was when I found out Ken Griffey Jr's name is George.

If Fernando Rodney is Albert, and given the evidence we have above I have NO reason to assume otherwise, what do we really "know" about any of these guys? Is Robinson Cano's first name Jim? Is Willie Bloomquist's Juan? Is Dustin Ackley the Duke of some Ludwigian Bavarian Castle? I SEE NO EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY!

As this progresses we will remain vigilant in our search for truth. Colin has one hand chained to his desk and the other to his laptop's touchpad. The only light we are allowing him is the warming glow of Truth. We will not stop. Come clean, "Fernando", and bathe in the cleansing waters of absolution.