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Seattle Sports History

This is our city. These are our teams.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It seems silly to be thinking or talking about the Mariners when one of the most historic comeback wins happened just yesterday. That finish was beyond belief. The resilience and the fortitude to keep fighting to the bitter end has defined this team since Pete Carroll became coach. We saw the culmination of his mantra, Win Forever, in those final three minutes of regulation and the overtime win.

The Mariners had their own version of The Comeback in 1995. The Double is forever ingrained in our collective fan memory. Refuse to Lose. "The Mariners are going to play for the American League Championship. I don't believe it!" This is history for the Mariners and the city of Seattle.

Here are the two win probability charts for these two games:


Via: Baseball Reference


Via: Pro Football Reference

Its hard to compare the momentum swings in two separate sports but, man, those are some wild swings.

So what do you think? Which comeback was more historic? Which game will go down as the greatest moment in Sports history in the fair city of Seattle?