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2014 Flashback GIFs: Boston vs Seattle

Re-live one of the best games of 2014, GIF style.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you already know who I am, but if you don't, I am Jose Rivera -- AKA @jose8bs on Twitter -- and I'll just let you know a little about myself before we get started. I was born in Ft. Lewis, Washington and lived there for most of my childhood; and since my pops was in the Army, he was stationed in Germany and we lived there for three years. We came back to Washington and ended up living in Olympia where I continued my lifelong obsession with this team. I have been living just outside of Phoenix, Arizona for a little over ten years but my love has never wavered not only for the M's, but all things Seattle.

Now that we have that out of the way, welcome to my first piece with Looking Landing! I am very excited to bring you a fresh take on our beloved Seattle Mariners in 2015, and with Spring Training just around the corner, I'll be your GIF Captain through some of the memorable moments that happened last season.

Today we bring to you a game that I consider to be one of the more satisfying wins of 2014. The date was June 23rd at Safeco against our favorite away team, the Boston Red Sox. In this game we saw Felix get massive run support in the form of 12 runs, Logan Morrison had himself a day going 4-for-4 with two home runs and 4 RBIs, and the M's bats forced John Lackey out of the game after just 3.2 IP.

Yeah, it was that kind of day.

Right out of the gates, Felix got off to a hot start against leadoff hitter Brock Holt as he needed three pitches to get the first out of the game.

The Red Sox would strike first with Dustin Pedroia scoring off of a David Ortiz single to CF. That didn't last long though as Logan Morrison hit his first of two bombs on the day in the bottom of the 2nd inning.

Felix was even getting some help on the defensive side of things. Dustin Ackley tracked this deep shot from David Ortiz in the top of the 4th inning. Even if Ackley had misplayed the ball, it would still have ended up being just a single for Ortiz, you know, cause he's slow and all.

Ackley almost pulled off the same catch two times in a row but Mike Napoli's shot was just out of his reach. Red Sox took the lead 2-1.

And that's it. That's all Felix gave up in his seven innings pitched as he did his thing and the King's Court was definitely in session. Here we see Daniel Nava not even wait for the umpire to make the call, he knew he was out.

The floodgates really opened up in the bottom of the 4th inning for the M's and they scored SIX runs to give Felix that run support we love to see. Robbie gets the party started with a ground rule double.

Kyle Seager comes up to bat and sends it to right field and brings in Cano to tie up the ball game 2-2.

Logan Morrison said "screw the shift" as he singled into right field and while that sent Seager to 3rd, John Lackey wasn't exactly happy with what was happening.

During the next at-bat, Mike Zunino -- showing some damn good patience at the plate -- walked to 1st and we had  ourselves the bases full of Mariners. Dustin Ackley then worked himself a THIRTEEN PITCH at-bat and eventually grounded to second. It brought Seager home and sent LoMo to 3rd. Things wouldn't get any better for Lackey.

A wild pitch to Brad Miller sends LoMo home and moves Ackley to 2nd. Miller works himself a walk and up next, Willie Bloomquist (yes, THAT Willie Bloomquist) decides to get himself some and the M's load up the bases for the second time this inning.

On the 2nd pitch of his at-bat, Endy Chavez sends a TRIPLE (!!!) into right-center field (and a big thanks to Brock Holt for having a terrible jump on the bal) and that cleared the bases. M's up 7-2.

And just like that, John Lackey's night was done after going 3.2 IP and giving up seven runs. I love seeing me some John Lackey being upset -- especially when the fellas are the ones that make him so, so, sooooo mad.

The M's weren't done yet.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Kyle Seager cracks double with one out and as per tradition, he is required to put his hands in the air for you know what -- but he seemed a little reluctant at first.

After a wild pitch sends Seager over to 3rd base, LoMo does it again with a single right field to make the game 8-2. During Lomo's at-bat, he lined a foul ball into the dugout and it was a little too close for comfort as Cano hands Felix a glove to just in case it happens again.

Flash forward two innings to the bottom of the 7th, and M's continue to pour it on the Red Sox. Even James Jones got into the action with a ground-rule double (which is something I hope we get to see more of next season).

Robinson Cano comes up and hits a single to right field that brings in the speedster from 2nd -- 9-2 M's. ANOTHER wild pitch then sends Cano to 2nd and Seager immediately brings him home with a single to right field. 10-2.

And the man of the night, Logan Morrison comes up to cap it all off with another home run -- a two run blast to right center field and that would be it for the night as the M"s decided to show mercy on the Red Sox for the rest of the game.

Boston would go on to score a run in the bottom of the 9th but it was for naught as "The Bartender" sent em home and closed out the game. Mariners win!

So there you have it. One of my personal favorite games from last season. We all know how many "Red Sox fans" show up during these games at home and it was just so nice to see the M's not only obliterate them in this game, but also win the series 2-1. Hope you enjoyed the GIFs and the stroll down memory lane. Hashtag Go Mariners.