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Sporcle Friday: Jack Z reliever club

57 relievers have taken the hill for the M's since Jack Zduriencik became general manager. You have just eight minutes to name them all.

dear diary: big day today!
dear diary: big day today!
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Today's quiz goes back to a previous concept -- the Jack Zduriencik era. This time, brutally, you're asked to name all 57 relievers who have appeared in a game since GMZ took over the team in 2009. 57! In 8 minutes! I know some of you have struggled with quizzes full of names like Ruppert Jones and Spike Owen, but I'm willing to bet almost all of you have closely followed this team for the last six years. Jack Zduriencik is about to start his seventh year at the helm of the club. Seven years! Maybe we'll have to do this series again next offseason, updated.

Discuss your score and biggest hits and misses below. If you see people using spoiler tags and don't know how to do them (hover over black text to read), you can use them by hitting Control+F or clicking the small black box above the comment editor.

Good luck, and happy Friday.