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79-65: Chart

Hello, darkness, my old friend. You done Yoervised me again.

like I said
like I said
Otto Greule Jr


Hope: Logan Morrison (+0.29 WPA)
Despair: Yoervis Medina (-0.40 WPA)

According to Sigmund Freud in his book, Civilization and its Discontents, the world is essentially messed up and every person needs some method for disassociating him or herself from the evils of nature and fellow man. Sure, the wealthy could hire therapists to work out the kinks in their psyches, but the vast majority of the working class and their fifteen-hour work days forced them to turn to cheaper, liquid solutions. Alcohol is just another form of displacement, of course, but he admitted the price was reasonable and likely equally ineffective.

The question, then: how do you deal with emotional pain like, say, that of a lost crucial baseball game?