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Lookout Linkage, 9/9/14

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league.

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The face of a true leader
The face of a true leader
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


  • Dustin Ackley doesn't appear to think he will be out of the action for very long.
  • Lloyd McClendon recently spoke to ESPN about what he thinks about the African-American community's representation in baseball.
  • Mike Oz at Yahoo! Sports lists the five things that need to happen for the Mariners to win the World Series.
  • After the M's series victory over the Rangers, Shannon Drayer looks at the directions both organizations are currently headed in.
  • In the midst of a pretty disappointing season for the Rangers, a really cool story arises from the ashes.
  • Here's the latest on Miguel Cabrera's injured ankle that's been ailing him for some time now.
  • Joakim Soria could return to the Tigers' bullpen rather shortly.
  • Bob Nightengale at USA Today talks to the Royals' players about how Raul Ibanez' leadership has propelled their miracle season.
  • The MLB and MLBPA are currently discussing clarifying the rules on home plate blocking and collisions.
  • Grant Brisbee provides his thoughts on what unfolded during Derek Jeter Day.
  • Dave Cameron at Fangraphs explores the idea of removing defense from the WAR equation.
  • Is the strike zone dropping? What does that even mean? Jeff Sullivan explains in his latest post on Fangraphs.
  • The Astros will officially not lose 100 games this season, so the fans furniture?