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Michael Saunders recalled from DL

The Mariners talented, oft-injured and always handsome corner outfielder returns at a time of great need.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Drop the beat, Divish:

A few quick items pertaining to this:

  1. Michael Saunders is incredibly handsome. There is no debate on this issue.
  2. If, as I *think* I expect, Saunders takes the majority of playing time away from Endy Chavez it should be noted that the best likely scenario for his offensive production is about equal to the 126 wRC+ that Chavez has put up so far in the 2nd half of this season. Of course that isn't what you, I or any non-Chavez projects for Endy going forward but it's important to note that Chavez has been implausibly terrific for a few months. Baseball.
  3. The Mariners tonight play their 143rd game. Michael Saunders has played in 65 of those. He is 3rd on the Mariners in position player fWAR, a counting stat.
Saunders is immediately in the starting lineup, batting 8th and playing RF. The career path of Michael Saunders has been exceptionally serpentine, at times threatening to eat its own tail. He has always had a diverse skill set, with average to above average tools across the board. At his best he's a poor man's Michael Brantley, one of the better players in baseball this year. We have little idea what to expect from him the rest of the way. The time off may be too much for him to overcome in the next 3 weeks (seriously, 3 weeks til the end of the season playoffs) but Michael Saunders is one of the Mariners better position players. He's back and, particularly with Dustin Ackley nursing a bum ankle, the timing couldn't be better.