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78-63: Chart

Mariners overcome rain and Rangers, win 4-2

Get a roof!
Get a roof!
Rick Yeatts


The houses on House Hunters International: Kyle Seager (.374 WPA)

The people on House Hunters International: Mike Zunino (-.200 WPA)

Was this game worth the wait?


Yes it was.


1. Does anyone have a favorite short story and/or short story writer and/or short story collection? I really enjoy the works of Lydia Davis, Lorrie Moore, and Kevin Brockmeier. I have no reservations issuing recommendations for any of these fine authors. Check 'em out!

2. How do you feel about "Star Wars Night"? Happy? Angry? Indifferent? Or maybe you're confused... just like Rick Rizzs was tonight.

3. As a result of that lovely rain delay, it's kind of late and I'm kind of tired. Good thing I still have the recap to write! What are your tricks for staying awake/alert when you're feeling snoozy and have to get work done? I usually just drink a bunch of hot black tea. And sometimes I'll munch on some rice+seaweed crackers.