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LL Meetup for Night Court, 9/13 (UPDATE: Details)

Let's hangout!

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

There's some discussion in the Off Top about putting together a LL get together to watch Felix obliterate the A's again next Saturday, September, 13th. In case you didn't see the M's are branding it a "Night Court":

So the purpose of this here Fanned Post is to gauge interest, coordinate a location, see how's best to about this. I know that LL has done this before at Mariners games but I've never been able to attend and I don't think we've done one in the 2.0 era so I certainly haven't been a part of the staff.

It'd be fun to put together a bunch of LL-centric signs, maybe anyone with the Homage shirts or old LL shirts can wear them. Meet up prior at a determined location. Beer, food, general rowdiness, etc.

Have at it in the comments y'all. Hanging out in person on a Saturday Night with Felix pitching during a playoff push is the dream, it'd be fun to do it together.


Since this is being planned kind of last minute and definitely haphazardly we are going to all just meet at the stadium. Right now the plan is to meet at the Pen, getting there 4-4:30 to carve out a good space to mingle and chat. Afterwards we can stay in the Pen or go our seperate ways to our seats. Look for one us editors (just imagine what we look like. No, shorter, slightly pudgier. Yep. Got it.) and we'll go from there.

Looking forward to it, all.