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Sporcle Fridays: Fearsome Friday Edition

Welcome to the Jim Rice Memorial Internet Diversion.

rank cowardice
rank cowardice
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It's 10:50 PM. I've spent the evening cleaning my house before an appraisal tomorrow. My retinas and my fingernails hurt, and my hands will probably smell like orange Clorox Wipe (which, I should note, is not related to oranges) for the rest of my life. And I am here to bring a Sporcle quiz to you, because I am here for you.

Well, the house did kind of mess things up, because I haven't had time to finish my demoralizing, ultra-destructive quiz after Scott's meatball from two weeks ago. And though I really wanted to make a quiz about career leaders in catcher's interference, the M's have only had two in the past seventeen years, so that's out. So instead you'll get this moderately difficult, moderately interesting quiz and will have to wait, flinching at nothing, for the invisible blow to fall. It'll probably be on a Friday, though. Maybe even next Friday. But the future is inscrutable.

The topic: fear. Specifically, which Mariners hitters have been issued the most intentional walks in their Seattle careers? It is a very simple question. Some names will not surprise you. Some will surprise you very much. Others you will meet with a dull sense of recognition, the way cows do toward passing cars. "Huh," you will say, chewing dumbly on your protein-infused breakfast candy bar.

No extra clues this time, no years or uniform numbers. This is September. This is the big time. You're all grown up now. I'm so proud of you.