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75-63: Chart

Felix being Felix + M's dingers = unstoppable

Ezra Shaw


Les Stroud (Survivorman): Felix Hernandez (.372 WPA)

Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild and other specious programming): Austin Jackson (-.115 WPA)


1. Where do you guys typically go to read about the Mariners/baseball? As good as Lookout Landing is, I assume y'all check out other sites/places, too. Semi-related personal anecdote: When I was seven or eight (in ~1994) we didn't have cable so I'd usually listen to the radio or read the newspaper the next day to find out about the M's... and then my dad got a new beeper for work that could stream live sports scores and single sentence game summaries. It felt like the pinnacle of technology at the time. I loved it.

2. What one word would you use to describe the Mariners season thus far?

3. Please hazard a guess as to what Felix's spirit animal is. Defend your hypothesis.