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Scoring change gives Felix Hernandez boost in Cy Young race, ERA title

Felix's ERA has dropped from 2.34 to 2.18 after a scoring change in Tuesday's meltdown.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Cy Young race just got a little more interesting. Momentum has catapulted Corey Kluber ahead of Felix Hernandez in many circles after Felix's meltdown on Tuesday paired with Kluber's continued dominance, but Felix has still maintained a small ERA lead over Kluber. Though Jon Lester has had a great year, most think the race is essentially down to just Felix and Kluber, with a lot riding on tomorrow's start that Felix may or may not make.

Given today's developments, he'll probably be begging to. Via Bob Dutton, MLB has made a big scoring change in the seven-run 5th inning on Tuesday, as Felix bobbled a bunt attempt that eventually allowed more runs to score. They've charged an error to Felix, correcting the previous ruling of a single -- meaning Felix's ERA drops all the way back down to 2.18, instead of the 2.34 it sat at this morning, as his start racked up only four earned runs instead of eight. On his own mistake.

This is your daily reminder that ERA is really, really stupid sometimes.

Chris Sale holds the AL lead for ERA at 2.17 and is done for the year, meaning Felix will have to make another start, even if the M's are eliminated tonight, in order to win the ERA crown. The decision without question impacts the Cy Young race greatly, and now the gap between Felix at 2.18 and Kluber at 2.44 seems a little more sizable for the traditional voters.

There's a lot to be written about the race between these two, but first we'll have to see if Felix pitches tomorrow or not. Would Lloyd McClendon consider starting Felix for a few innings to let him attempt to get the ERA lead and then pull him early? It's going to be interesting to see.