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84-75: Chart

The Mariners finally remembered how to score runs to keep their playoff hopes alive. Barely.

Tom Szczerbowski


Hopeful: Logan Morrison! (.419 WPA)

Hopeless: Joe Beimel (-.112 WPA)

Here's to (at least) one more day of caring about Mariners baseball...


1. We don't talk about cinema too much on here, so... what is your favorite film from the '60's? I love Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Definitely one of my top three movies of all time.

2. Through Morrison's first 200 PA this year (through August 5th), he had a wRC+ of 71. Since then, in 148 PA, he has a wRC+ of 142. Which do you think is more indicative of his actual skill level?

3. What's your favorite type of cookie? I've always been a fan of snickerdoodles.