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83-75: Chart

Tom Szczerbowski

Of course it goes like that. After the blowouts recently, after Taijuan Walker dominated, after Oakland and Kansas City teased, after they get James Jones on base as the tying run—of course it goes like that.


This new Taijuan Walker: Taijuan Walker (0.23 WPA)

Austin Jackson as a Mariner: Austin Jackson (-0.17 WPA) [A fitting edit: James Jones actually had -0.19 WPA]

Some questions:

1. Out of Brad Miller, Logan Morrison, Dustin Ackley, Michael Saunders and Austin Jackson, who do you feel most comfortable about going into 2015 as a potential starter?

2. Taijuan Walker—better as trade bait or rotation member?

3. Best seasonal beer out there right now?