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83-74: Chart

Felix has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day as the M's get (figuratively) crushed/walloped/dismantled/eviscerated by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports


The first 153 games of this season: Robinson Cano (.156 WPA)

The four most recent games of this season: Felix Hernandez (-.393 WPA)

Well that certainly was the least enjoyable game of the season. My old friend mathematics keeps telling me it's not yet time to give up hope... but he can be a real jerk sometimes, just stringin' me along, so we'll see.


1. Which animal's egg is most comparable to the egg(s) that the Mariners have laid over the past four games?

2. Mariners not-Seager, not-Cano, not-Felix MVP?

3. How are you planning to spend the ~20 hours/week of extra free time that you'll have once the Mariners season is over (assuming you've been watching all of their games all of the time)?