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Chris Young moved to bullpen

Everyone's favorite full hipped, fly ball prone 6' 10" pitcher will not make his last start of the season.

Bob Levey

This was one you could see coming I suppose:

Chris Young was never a part of any offseason plan or free agent shopping lists. He was and is the quintessential "take a flyer" player, invited to the closing chapter of free agency after Randy Wolf decided to lick batteries and tour the country's minor leagues.

For a month it seems Young has simply run out of whatever stamina, magic, mysticism was fueling his amazing season. After throwing 6 shutout innings in Detroit on Aug. 17 he only went past 5 innings in one of his last 5 starts. His numbers during that stretch:

18.1 IP, 17 R, 16 K, 13 BB, 27 H, 7 HR

With the compliment of a 40 man roster it seems possible McClendon will roll with a Tom Wilhelmson short start and push the bullpen on Thursday. Any upgrade between starting Erasmo Ramirez in Young's place is minimal at best and very, very dubious.

The Mariners starting pitching went from huge question mark all offseason to an unexpected strength almost the entire year. If the Mariners are going to squeak into the playoffs it's going to be some new heroes carrying them across the finish line. Chris Young, like Roenis Elias before him, gave his all, but he's spent. Lloyd basically admitted it:

If we've seen the last of Chris Young as a starter for the Mariners then he was one of the greatest surprises in one of the great surprise seasons in team history. He was also an intelligent, thoughtful guy who gave great interviews. Whenever he decides he's had enough Chris Young will probably succeed in whatever he puts his mind to. He certainly did that for the 2014 Mariners.