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83-70: Chart

Mariners hit all of the home runs to overwhelm the Astros 10-5.

Bump it.
Bump it.
Bob Levey


A well-balanced, perfectly-spiced pumpkin beer (e.g., Elysian's Night Owl): Mike Zunino (.157 WPA)

Warm Bud Light Lime: Brad Miller (-.046 WPA)

Only nine games left, folks. Win or lose, savor every moment. The offseason is long and lonely without the Mariners to keep you company.


1. Assuming the M's go on to make the playoffs, who is the first player you wouldn't include on their postseason roster?

2. Who is your favorite hero/villain/god/goddess/creature/whatever from Greek mythology? (Or Roman, if you must.)

3. What's the last album that you purchased? I most recently picked up a used copy of How Strange, Innocence by Explosions in the Sky and the newest album from Future Islands (Singles, which is amazing).