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81-69: Chart

The Mariners avenged the drubbing they suffered yesterday by overwhelming the Angels 13-2 tonight.

Harry How


The feeling you had when Mike Trout overran Zunino's double in the fifth: Mike Zunino (.157 WPA)

The feeling you had when Elias was removed from the game due to injury: Roenis Elias (-.110 WPA)

Runs? Runs!

1. I just moved from Seattle to Boulder, CO (at the beginning of the month). Does anybody have any hot tips for underrated/secret/awesome things to see/do/eat/drink in Boulder/Denver and their environs? If not, what is one activity you would recommend to someone visiting your home town?

2. How much do you love it when players on the M's wear high socks and stirrups? 10? 11?

3. What is your favorite snack to bring (or eat) when you're going over to a friend's house to watch SPORTS? I usually opt for hummus and veggies, because all of my buddies generally bring salty/greasy or sweet things, but I definitely appreciate it when someone makes some queso...