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9/16: Open Game Thread

Roenis Elias Vs. Cory Rasmus

Tom Pennington

So here is a tweet:

Here is what NL pitchers have hit this year: .122/.155/.152. For the last week the Mariners as a team have hit pretty good. For a lineup comprised of 9 pitchers.

Per Divish we can see how much Kendrys Morales has sucked the last 8 games: .074/.167/.222. That at least allows us to find some solace in whacking an old punching bag. Kendrys Morales sure does suck. But in these times of struggle even our greatest heroes are prone to fail.

Kyle Seager, last 8 games: .148/.233/.148.

The Mariners are 6-37 with RISP since the beginning of last week's Astros series. We have watched a week long complete and total offensive hunger strike. I can't really believe the team has even won 2 games during that stretch.

We can take some solace in knowing that the Mariners offense doesn't suck this bad. The 2010 Mariners offense didn't suck this bad and they were so bad I think we're all still scarred from it. There is Regression The Happy coming but the Mariners are nearly out of time. It needs to happen soon, preferably tonight in the top of the first against Cory Rasmus, who is Colby Rasmus' younger brother, as you can clearly see here:



Roenis Elias stands on the hill for the Mariners. Like most of the team many of us have been waiting for Elias to collapse all year and for his success to be proven a mirage. We're now way past that.

Just. Win.

Game Info:

  • Mariners @ Angels, 7:05 PST
  • TV: ROOT, Radio: 710 ESPN, Online: MLB.TV

Today's Lineups

Austin Jackson - CF Kole Calhoun - RF
Dustin Ackley - LF Mike Trout - CF
Robinson Cano - 2B Albert Pujols - 1B
Kyle Seager - 3B Howie Kendrick - 2B
Kendrys Morales - DH David Freese - 3B
Logan Morrison - 1B Josh Hamilton - DH
Endy Chavez - RF Erick Aybar - SS
Mike Zunino - C Chris Iannetta - C
Chris Taylor - SS Collin Cowgill - LF
Roenis Elias - LHP Cory Rasmus - RHP