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Sporcle fridays: A fresh start

The Mariners have led off a ballgame with a home run 34 times. Can you name them? And if not, why not?

I miss Ryan Langerhans sometimes, like whenever I see James Jones
I miss Ryan Langerhans sometimes, like whenever I see James Jones
Thearon W. Henderson

It's morning again in Seattle. People are waking up, their blood cells renewed or their neurons recharged or whatever the hell it is that sleep does to keep us from madness and death. They're drinking coffee, standing in line waiting to buy coffee, wishing they had coffee, reading the newspaper, taking public transportation to their important and satisfactorily-paying jobs. The air is sharp but not cold, carrying some invisible, kinetic vigor. "The Royals and the Athletics both lost," sing the tree-hymn of wind-teased leaves. "There is still time. We are alive."

The best way for you to celebrate and/or sing yourself is to take this Sporcle quiz. The theme? Renewal. Specifically, it's a tabulation of the 34 Seattle Mariners who, in the top of the first, announced themselves to the world by hitting a home run in the first at bat of the game.

I hope you get at least 50% of these answers. If you don't, I will be very disappointed in you and I will expect either one (1) free beer or 10 (ten) Danny Tartabull cards when I see you at the meetup tomorrow night in the Pen. Why aren't we meeting up at the Lookout Landing bar? Because it's depressing up there. It smells like 2006, and the concrete is bleached with tears. It's not a happy place.

Good luck to you, unknown quiz-taker. Do well. Add your thoughts in the comments below, using the spoiler tag liberally, perhaps pertaining to how insane it is that the first Mariner leadoff home run happened in the team's fifteenth year of existence.