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61-55: Chart

Hector Noesi proves for the umpteenth time that he is very good at preventing the Mariners from winning.

Interpretive dance.
Interpretive dance.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Warm laundry, fresh out of the dryer: Brandon Maurer (.224 WPA)

Damp laundry, fresh out of the "dryer", thanks to the fact that your apartment complex is old and suckssssss: Fernando Rodney (-.313 WPA)

Wow, Mariners. That was rotten.

Hurry up, tomorrow-baseball. I need to forget about this game as soon as possible.


1. How do you feel about Ken Griffey Jr. being inducted into the Cincinnati Reds HOF tonight? Deserved? Big ol' publicity stunt? The Reds have inducted more than 80 people in to their HOF, so they don't necessarily have the highest standards, but Junior only managed 9.8 fWAR in nine seasons with Cincinnati...

2. What's your favorite not-so-conventional sandwich topping? Sometimes I like to spread on some miso paste to add a delicious, salty tang. It's particularly good on avocado sandwiches.

3. If you got a chance to see it, how many tears did you shed during Lou's speech tonight? One? Hundreds? Or are you a robot?