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61-54: Chart

The Mariners beat the White Sox 4-1, thanks to a Mike Zunino dinger and some "defense."

Otto Greule Jr


John Ford: Mike Zunino (.233 WPA)

My '94 Ford Ranger that blew its transmission on the middle of the highway once: Austin Jackson (-.059 WPA)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee that was fun? Now if the fucking Royals would stop winning thank you very much...


1. Are you worried about Austin Jackson's struggles as a Mariner? Or should I shut up and realize it's only been like a week and baseball doesn't work like that?

2. I had to cancel my Comcast cable/internet this afternoon because I'm moving to the East Coast this weekend (which is an entirely different story), and had to go to a Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game, which is terrible because a) it's a BWW, and b) Portland has no good baseball bars. Where, besides Safeco, are the best places to watch an away baseball game wherever you are?

3. In honor of Lou's induction into the Mariners' HOF this weekend, what is your all-time favorite single manager meltdown in baseball history (and if you can, provide a link)?