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59-54: Chart

The Mariners score over six runs for the first time since July 1st, defeating the Braves 7-3.

Otto Greule Jr


Meaningful August Baseball: Logan Morrison (.275 WPA)

NHL Rumors on the front page: Chris Young (-.101 WPA)

Well, that's one way to start a homestand. Chris Young gets win 10 and the Mariners...don't look incompetent?


1. NY Daily News Mets' reporter Andy Martino recently posted an interesting take on reporters separating--or not separating--personal feelings about players from their reporting. Considering we follow a team with the best pitcher in the AL, and a reporting pool that has for the most part been present for the arc of his entire career, what do you feel about the whole thing?

2. I assume most of you are scoreboard watching right now. What is your preferred method for keeping track of the AL Wild Card race? Watching the games? Checking a scorekeeping app? TV, radio?

3. Is retaliation ever warranted?