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58-54: Chart

Felix's pitching and Atlanta's fielding combine to yield a Mariners victory

One of these two men deserves a high-five.
One of these two men deserves a high-five.
Otto Greule Jr


People who let you pet their puppies: Chris Taylor (.284 WPA)

People who lock their puppies in the car on a summer day: Mike Zunino (-.133 WPA)

Felix was Felix and the Braves were the Mariners... which meant the Mariners didn't have to be the Mariners! One game back in the wild card race, woo!


1. Best cheese to use on a grilled cheese sandwich? I'm a fan of Muenster.

2. If you had the opportunity to design an alternate logo for the Mariners (maybe for a batting practice hat), what do you think you'd go with? I've always thought it'd be neat if they did something with constellations (i.e., the compass of the skies), but maybe that'd be encroaching on the Astros?

3. Where is your favorite place to get an iced coffee/espresso drink? I really enjoy the iced Americanos at Forza (by Green Lake). Herkimer coffee is also quite tasty.