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Lookout Linkage, 8/3/14

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league.

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Hello everyone! Here are your links for the day:

  • Corey Hart was placed on the 15-day DL with knee problems.
  • Michael Saunders is not quite ready to go out on a rehab assignment.
  • Brendan Gawlowski at Prospect Insider thinks Kendrys Morales should be expected to improve.
  • Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs is very impressed by the Mariners acquiring Austin Jackson and feels it fills a gaping hole they had.
  • Grant Brisbee also thinks the Mariners "won" the trade deadline by acquiring Jackson.
  • Sad news for former Mariner Cliff Lee, who might miss the remainder of the season with an elbow injury.
  • Dave Cameron at Fangraphs argues that the Jon Lester trade doesn't matter much and is puzzled by the move overall.
  • Jeff, again at Fangraphs, also gives his opinion on the A's going for it all, but focuses more on the  Sam Fuld replacing Yoenis Cespedes aspect.
  • It didn't take long for Fuld to remind A's fans what he can bring to the table.
  • Given that the A's aren't on the hook for much money through player contracts next year, Spencer Silva of Athletics Nation looks at what the A's payroll could look like in 2015.
  • Nico of Athletics Nation talks about what he thinks the A's should have done at the deadline.
  • The Angels didn't do much of anything at the trade deadline, but Marc Normandin isn't too concerned.
  • Tony Blengino at Fangraphs argues that it might be a little early to judge the Rays for the haul they got from trading David Price.
  • Dave Cameron looks at the teams whose playoff odds have been most affected by the trade deadline deals.
  • A group of SB Nation writers discuss the winners and losers of the trade deadline, first for the American League and then the National League.
  • In case you missed it, MLB Network got tricked by a fake Ken Rosenthal account in the midst of the deadline drama.
  • In a more Mariner-oriented case of trade deadline trolling, look no further than Mr. Taijuan Walker.