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71-59: Chart

Everyone on the M's played as though they'd caught Cano's flu bug as Seattle got shutout 2-0 by the Texas Rangers.

What a dumb baseball game.
What a dumb baseball game.
Otto Greule Jr


Honeycrisp apples: Roenis Elias (.115 WPA)

Red delicious apples: Kendrys Morales (-.148 WPA)

That game was a hot mess. How about we go the next 32 games without getting shutout? Okay? That'd be nice.


1. I am not currently a very avid hockey fan (NHL), but I'm considering embracing the sport next season. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which team I should root for? And why?

2. Last weekend, my girlfriend and I went down to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium for the first time. It was pretty neat. Their Red Wolf exhibit/conservation center was especially cool. (If you're local to the Seattle area and haven't ever been down it's probably worth the trip.) Does anyone have a favorite zoo/exhibit that they've found particularly interesting?

3. Attempt to classify your level of disappointment and/or chagrin at the fact that the Mariners were shut down and shutout by Miles Mikolas. (Don't forget your units.)