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70-58: Chart

Seattle's touchdown in the top of the fourth inning was more than sufficient to defeat the Red Sox.

Crooked number.
Crooked number.
Rich Gagnon


Yoenis Cespedes' arm: Dustin Ackley (.217 WPA)

Dustin Ackley's arm: Chris Young (-.187 WPA)

70 wins! With more than a week left in August! 1.5 game lead in the second wild card! Mariners Baseball!


1. If you are so inclined, please write a short poem about this baseball game. A haiku or an acrostic poem would be lovely. Or embrace your inner e e cummings, throw off the rigid shackles of form, and just do whatever feels right.

2. Speaking of poems, do any of you fine folks make a habit of reading poetry? If you do, who is one of your favorite poets? (If you don't read poetry, I encourage you to look into it.) I've been reading some Stanley Kunitz lately and I'm really enjoying his work.

3. In his first 350 PA this year, Ackley hit four home runs. In his last 89 PA, he's hit five home runs. With 34 games remaining (and ~120-150 PA likely remaining for Ackley), how many home runs do you think the Bearded Wonder will end the regular season with?