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Who's received MVP votes over the years for the Mariners?

This week's Sporcle...Saturday is about just that.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

A day late, a buck short with the Sporcle quiz this week, as I didn't want to draw any attention away from Colin's outstanding research on James Paxton's release point. If you haven't read that article, e-run to go do so.

The M's kick off things in just a few hours, but for your Saturday morning cartoon-watching time distraction, take a crack at all the Mariners who have received MVP votes since 1990. There's 46 possible answers, but many obvious repeats -- this is the first quiz in a while that I nailed 100%, and I suspect many others will as well if you don't get hung up on 2007 without cheating. And why would you cheat? It's Sporcle! It's fun! It's Saturday ok whatever the Mariners did the impossible last night and I'm still celebrating. Seriously, two strikes and two outs on Koji Uehara three times? BABIP magic happening to the M's and not the opponent?

Answers in the comments, best of luck and as always, feel free to suggest future topics.