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Announcing the Homage x Lookout Landing t-shirt collection

We've teamed up with HOMAGE to launch two vintage Mariner shirts, and they all come with a Lookout Landing sticker.

One of my favorite companies in the world is HOMAGE, a vintage t-shirt manufacturer from Columbus, Ohio. If you follow @LookoutLanding on Twitter, you've probably seen me talk about them endlessly, as I own about 20 of their extremely comfortable throwback shirts, of which some of you have seen me wear on the video podcasts.

I'm such a fan of the brand that I've always wanted them to do more Seattle-themed gear, and that turned into us launching this together. We've been working on these shirts for few months now, and today I'm thrilled to announce the HOMAGE x Lookout Landing collection, available to purchase right now.



Get out the rye bread and mustard, Seattle fans. It's grand salami time!

We just dropped the NEW HOMAGE x Lookout Landing collection, and my, oh my, you're gonna love these T-Shirts.


For a limited time, you can snag these shirts with a special coupon code HOMAGE set up for LL readers - punch in "LOOKOUTLANDING" at checkout and get each shirt for, you guessed it, $19.95. Trust me when I say their shirts are worth every dollar -- they are soft with a snug, vintage-style fit, sizing is comparable to American Apparel. These ain't no Hanes Beefy Tees.

But wait, there's more!

You may have seen the teaser image of our logo with Homage/LL on it going around yesterday, and that's because it's a sticker that comes with every order of these shirts. Now you can sport a dejected Richie Sexson on the same laptop you visit this site with, or wherever else you want. I'm putting mine on my luggage before I take off for Europe.


A big thanks to our friends at HOMAGE for making this happen, now head on over to pick up both of these releases!