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57-53: Chart

That's more like it.

a rare show of emotion from oh who am i kidding
a rare show of emotion from oh who am i kidding
Greg Fiume


Disneyland: Dustin Ackley (.195 WPA)

DMV: Jesus Sucre (-.132 WPA)

James Paxton's return was as good, if not better, than expected, and the Mariners' bats remembered how to sequence things together for once. The march to the second wild card berth continues, but you have to feel good about what happened on your television today.


1. New Mariners Austin Jackson and Chris Denorfia need nicknames. Do we, fellow LL'ers, stick with the flavorless gum sounds of "AJax" and "Deno?" Or do we come up with something new?

2. Any waiver trade possibilities you would be interested in seeing the Mariners explore?

3. Lou's upcoming bobblehead looks great and all, but the fact that he won't be throwing a base seems like a terrible marketing mistake. You are Kevin Martinez for a day--pitch a goofy yet appropriate Mariners bobblehead for the upcoming season.