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67-57: Chart

Roenis Elias doesn't throw many strikes, the Mariners hitters don't get many hits, and the M's lose 4-1 to the Phillies.

Not a strike.
Not a strike.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Ice cream sandwiches: Dustin Ackley (.134 WPA)

Ice cream soup:  Dominic Leone (-.202 WPA)

Crappy baseball, crappy baseball, crappy baseball.


1. Does anybody have any spectacular sangria recipes? A good sangria is probably one of my favorite summertime drinks. They're so refreshing.

2. What are you feelings regarding the Philly Phanatic? It seems like he might be a fairly polarizing character. (I like him.)

3. During tonight's broadcast, Sims and Blowers were giving Ryan Howard a hard time about using two hands to catch balls that are thrown to him at first. I know that Howard has had a rough time defensively this year, but do you think their ribbing was warranted? It seems a bit odd to criticize a big leaguer about getting back to fundamentals.